Tuesday, September 8, 2015

You Make Me Happy

Probably the most incredible man I know, is my Uncle Randy. His story of survival taught me so much while I was growing up. I will spare the details of what happened to him, but I will provide a link to his story here. Please be advised the article is very graphic in detail. At the age of 8, I watched him fight for his life with family constantly at his bedside. I watched him recover and have to relearn how to live life. It was like watch a baby grow up. Simple things like zipping a jacket where huge accomplishments that were well celebrated. 

We lost touch for many years, 16 to be exact, but I never once forgot him. I could not wait for the day that we moved back to New Hampshire so that he could meet his nieces. What was pretty incredible was that once we got here we lived about 7 houses down from him. I could not believe it. When I stepped out of the car and saw him come around the corner, my heart felt instantly warm. He has come so far. He squeezed me so tightly and I instantly remembered being that little girl crying at the ICU window praying for him to make it. Here he was 23 years later, still alive, alive to see my children. It was the most incredible feeling. He welcomed them with open arms as if he had known them from birth. 

I still get teary eyed when I think about all that he has gone through in life and all that he has accomplished. I would like to think that seeing him be so strong, gave me the strength I have had through life. It taught me that no matter what, you never give up, tomorrow is never promised but you must fight through all the tough things in life. I dedicate this layout to the most incredible man I know <3 

The night that I made this layout, I truly was not sure what image I was going to use. I sat at my desk and I saw this paper. It had been left out from when my cousin came to scrap with me. I knew instantly that I was going to finally scrap the image I cherished so much. I spent a lot of time on this layout cutting out my own embellishments from project life cards. 

I also did a lot of stitching. This was actually my first time doing stitching to this extent. The brick wall was very symbolic for me as it defined his strength. I thank God every day for giving my Uncle the strength he needed. 

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