Thursday, September 17, 2015


Lately, all I can think about is scrapping!! Yesterday while at a Dr appointment it came to me to basket weave my scraps. As soon as I got home I sat down and starting cutting. I did not actually get to work on anything until after my husband went to work at 11pm. We had such a wonderful family day yesterday. I feel so blessed to have 3 beautiful little girls and a husband that lives me whole heartily.

So this would be my 5th layout this week using my Sept Hip Kit...,, I am on a serious role here lol. I also decided to use 9 patterns for the Birds of a Feather bonus challenge. Did I mention I also won a gift certificate from playing bingo with them. It was lots of fun and I cannot wait to play around with some of their products.

When we first arrived in NH, I wanted to show my husband and girls where mommy grew up. I took them to the neighborhood I grew up in. This was the playground (although not the same equipment) that I stayed at until the street lights came on. The playground was pretty much in my backyard. The girls had so much fun. 

You will notice on a lot of my layouts, I do things in sequences of 3. When writing in my journal I always end with 3 hearts. Those 3 hearts signify my girls, Harmony, Melody and Symphony. I had so much fun adding all the embellishments. It has become more of a challenge as I work towards using up all of my kit. 

Playing on the playground and climbing the bigger kid slide, showed a lot of bravery for my oldest. She has always been very cautious of things. I was so proud of her. 

I love that I can bring my children to all the places I went to as a child. There is such a great sense of fulfillment knowing that they will grow up like I did, surrounded by lots of history and recreating my childhood memories. 

xx <3 Tiffani