Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I did it!

First let me say it has been one hectic week. Over the weekend all three kiddsos were sick with croup. Today my oldest has started a fever, so  my scrapping has been on hold. Last night I finally decided to take the plunge and finally create my first process video. I am still sick to my stomach with nerves, but as I have learned, if we never take the plunge, we will just keep putting it off. Be brave <3

So for this layout I was inspired by lesson 3 of the Scrapbook Basics class taught by Nancy Damiano. I also did this layout for a challenge hop over the weekend. Layers are not something I am that good at so I do not work with them often. That class truly helped.

On Monday, I got the chance to work with another passion of mine, photography. So I took daddy and the 2 younger girls out back while the oldest was in school. I just love how these pictures came out. 

This was also my first time using multiple alphas in a title. Isn't this picture just adorable! She is pinching his cheeks, something they do to each other all day. 

I love banners, so I cut some triangles from some scrap paper and then used some embroidering thread for the string. I love how this came out, it just adds that little extra touch. 

For months, I held onto this cut out. I have tried to use it on multiple layouts, but I think that this fit the best here. 

I hope you enjoyed this layout and I hope that I inspire someone out there to not give up. Don't hide behind the computer scared to put yourself out there. You create beautiful work, share it with the world anyway you can. 

xx Tiffani <3