Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Planners and a Giveaway!!!!

So for months I have watched the planner world. I have desired to own one and organize my life. Then I said to myself why do I need one? I am pretty much always at home. So for as part of my anniversary gift I received a Webster Planner. Oh it is so yummy!!! I am officially hooked.

It took me a few days after receiving it though, to start to play around with it. I had actually lost my scrap mojo for a bit. Then a few nights ago it hit me in full force. I sat down at 9pm....

I decided first, that I was going to go through my stash and make myself a little kit for the month of March, I recently acquired a large scrap stash from a fellow scrapper and decided on these papers.

Then I decided to go through my stamps. (check my IG: tiffanis_scraps for a RAK coming soon) I thought it would be fun to use the coordinating cut outs from the papers and stamp on the back for me to incorporate with my scrapbooking later on :) 

**GIVEAWAY** So then as I was going along I decided to make a second kit to giveaway. Simply leave a comment below for a chance to win. Winner will be picked Friday 2/26!!! 

I have been following Irit Landgraf and her watercolor embellishments and I just love them. Super easy to make too. Oh, this was now at about 2 am. I was focused!! 

So much fun!! I have already started adding them to my planner and they just add such a personal touch. I love the little ballerina. :) A few of these pieces will also be in the giveaway bag :) (ps.... this was 4am and then I decided I should go to bed)

So then of course the next thing you want to add is some bling in the form of a charm. I just used some of the supplies I already had to create my own :) The possibilities are endless here and there are some great shops out there with people that make the most adorable planner charms. 

I am officially hooked. I spent all day yesterday decorating my dashboard. The horse you see in the picture is Twist. He was a horse that was wild and rescued by a woman in Florida. We spent a great deal of time with her horses over a course of a month taking pictures. So an incredible picture. Every time I look at this picture it reminds me of love. Through the act of love and affection, I watched Twist transform into a beautiful soul even in that short time. 

It doesn't matter if you are a busy on the go person or a stay at home mom with little ones, every one can plan. I am using mine to plan my day with activities for the kids, meals, finances and household chores. It feels good to plan out your day and just know there is a schedule. Here's to a lesser stressed life!!

Tiffani xx

Friday, February 19, 2016

Watercolor love

It's so funny how I can be lounging all day feeling extremely lazy, but when my girlfriends tag me in a meme about it being international wine day. all that changes. Suddenly it turns into craft night and I go from 0-60 instantly. House cleaned, dinner prepped and kids fed by 5!! WHAT!! haha. Oh how funny we are :)

So last night my girls Sarah and Molly came over. When Molly and I first started scrapping together she was working on layouts. Then she discovered bullet journals and listing and she has found her calling and I love it. I love watching her progress and her creativity blossom and it reminds me of myself and how I was when I got back into scrapping after so long.

Last night was the first night that I actually worked with watercolors with other people around. I normally keep my mixed media projects for when I am alone, but they were screaming at me last night. I honestly had no idea where I was going from this and you can tell that by the picture at the top of the page. It looked like a party hat at first and that was how I got the idea for the colors. 

I used pink and blue and combined they made the beautiful purple you see. I love doing drips it can be hypnotizing moving them around the paper. The important this to remember is that there is no wrong way. The most important thing to know when mixing colors though is your color wheel and I learned that from Irit Landgraf. I have been studying color theory and it has helped me significantly. 

I love how playful and colorful everything turned out. How will you create this weekend? 

Tiffani xx

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Lightbox ... yay or nay?

In my quest to post better quality layouts without a high end camera, I stumbled upon people talking about light boxes. What are those? I thought. Upon researching I instantly knew I had to have one, but I did not want to pay a lot of money. So I took to amazon and read reviews. I decided on this one from LimoStudios. The difference between this one and the higher end one was that the lights are inside the box already and the cell phone holder is also built into it so it is one complete system, which honestly I can see myself wanting in the future. With the LimoStudios you have to play with the lighting yourself a bit to get rid of shadows so it will be a learning experience. It is also pretty large so I had no choice but to do this on my floor.

The set up was super easy and the best part is that it all compacts down to one carrying bag. Instantly I was excited because the results were incredible. Now, I know I need practice with my light angles, but being a night time scrapper this made me excited. I could now scrap and share my things at night time, no more waiting until morning and standing outside on my porch in freezing temps in my robe lol.

So on to my layout :) I got a huge scrap haul a few days ago. I had intended on a youtube video, but I was slammed with a terrible stomach bug and am still recovering. I came across someone selling their scrap stash along with 2 planners that I have been wanting (those will come later ;)) I also scored pretty big at Michael's. They have an insane clearance on things I use most, spray inks 1.79 yes please! Ink pads $2 ummm yeah!! So I got my first Ranger's Archival ink which reacted differently with my gesso than other inks so I am assuming this will be practice as well. I am on a mission to stamp on every page now that I have what must be over 100 stamps. The gesso, let me also say, I got for 1.79 for the Faber Castell brand (honestly not my favorite but it was too cheap to pass up) 

I have been wanting a bow cut file for what seems like forever and I finally got one. This one is from Felicity Jane. Lesson learned as well since I am fairly new to the silhouette studio. With the basic you cannot use SVG files. Bummer!! I had already purchased the bow which was only .99 so I wasn't upset, but I now was on a mission researching how to change to svg to png when I stumbled upon the same cut file available in the silhouette store from FJ on sale for .75, but now I question if I need to upgrade o.O The bow is super easy to assemble and absolutely adorable. 

This was also my first layout using a shaker page as I finally got the fuse tool. I will do a review on that another time as I am still learning and I don't want to base my opinions after a few uses. It is definitely something that takes a bit of time and patience and I know I will love it in the long run. The heart is from the oh so amazing Cut Shoppe and if you've never gotten one of their cut files, I promise they don't disappoint. I am officially obsessed with everything The Cut Shoppe :D 

So what's my verdict? How could you not want one!! I mean the difference is just drastic! Especially if you are a night scrapper or if you live somewhere that rains often. Lighting is absolutely everything. I have felt like my pictures have often held back the beauty of my creations and being someone that loves photography and once did photography it was extremely frustrating. Happy Scrapping !!

Tiffani xx

Thursday, February 4, 2016

My Baby Harmony

For almost a week now we have been battling the flu. First Harmony had it , then Melody, then mommy and then Symphony. I have a feeling daddy is next. It's been awful as I had hit a scrapping spree. The past few nights I've just been too sick so it was bed early for me. Then last night I decided I was going to sit down and get to it. I have been eyeing these hearts since I cut them out for my previous layout a few days ago. Then I remembered the letters I had cut out from the angled layout and started to color them. I just went with the flow. I was supposed to be a layout for my husband and then I decided to go girlie. I have a Flipagram on my process for the letters here. I loved how they turned out and so I went back to the heart . What was going on in my head is nothing like what my hands put together but I do like how it turned out. Sometimes we just have to go with the flow.

This is a layout about my baby Harmony when she turned 1. Another fab

Old Photos

Recently I have been into scrapping old photos. I don't have many that are actual photo, instead they are pictures of pictures but I work with them the best that I can. A while back my sister shared with me, through messenger, several photos of me when I was younger. There are very few pictures of my father and I together, but this has to be one of my favorites. This was the day my sister was born :) My first and only sister. I love you Kayla!!

I was inspired by Paige Evan's layout in her big picture class, Paiges pages. It was to scrap on an angle and although I did not do my entire layout on an angle, I love how it came out :)