Monday, June 22, 2015

Mixed media and clothing!

First off I hope everyone had an awesome Father's Day weekend, I know we did. Not to mention my husband got a day time job, so we no longer have to tip toe around the house while he sleeps during the day. Cheers to normalcy. I hope my husband also feels that it was a fantastic weekend ;) 

A little bit about the man in my life.....

We are a pretty free spirited bunch... Some even refer to me as a hippie lol.... I don't see it, but it's a fine title to me. I met Ron in 2003 via a phone chat line.... I was 19 and he was 21, it was actually his birthday. We connected instantly, even though he was on the opposite site of the state. I was in Port Richey, Florida and he was in Delray Beach. We sent pictures to each other via mail (yes folks this was the days of not much internet still or only if you could truly afford it). We continued talking for 6 months. He always told me that he was going to marry me and the words I love you were said after just a few weeks. We instantly connected, we knew we were meant to be. During those 6 months he had to go back to his mother in Memphis, Tennessee. We finally met 6 months to the day that we started talking. He arrived via Greyhound and swept me off me feet. He proposed a few weeks after his arrival and we married 2 weeks after that. We have been married for 11 1/2 years. We have our ups and downs and are far from perfect. Some days we can't stand being in the same room as each other and other days we can't keep our hands off each other, but I call that love. Love that surpasses all things. 

Ron has always been into fashion. I realized that after his first day there and seeing the process he took to get ready, ladies you think your best friend is bad, ha! We're talking 2 hours minimum. I would watch in amazement that later turned into annoyance lol. He has always been my number one scrap booking fan and when he presented me with a plain black pair of Dickies, I said why not. 

The idea was to match the rasta color hat he had gotten and since we are both Bob Marley fans, to incorporate his name and the colors. So I took out my gesso, spray ink, Tim Holtz brick stencil, acrylic paints in the rasta colors, dauber, and letter stencils and went to town. 

I fell in love after I saw the brick! Then it says Marley three times down the brick. 
He was in love with how it came out and have had a few people interested in having me do some for them too, but I wanted to share how versatile you can be. Your creativity can shine through all that you do, so embrace it xoxo!


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Paper Bowls

As I was creating my craft space, I realized I needed some containers. Rather than go to the store and spend an insane amount of money on formed plastic, I did some research. I came across this youtube video on how to make paper bowls. I save magazines for the purpose of using words or images in my scrapping. Another way to save money. Yes it was a tad time consuming, but the end result was just fab. This one was a little larger than what I wanted, so I plan to make 3 smaller ones to hold paper clips, flowers and little doo-dads.
In the video they tell you to use PVA glue, I did not have that on hand so I just used mod podge. From what I have read, it is better to use Mod Podge anyway :D 
My goal was to create a rainbow colored bowl, so I went through all my magazines and ripped out the colors of the rainbow. I taped all the color strips together (all the red, all the orange, yellow etc.) then worked on wrapping them around the pencil. I also made sure to pull the strips to make sure they were tight. My wrapping was a lot tighter than the video. 
I am sure you could do this with any paper really. I would love to create one from newspaper. (boy would that be messy) I think with the smaller ones I may add some decoration to the rim of the bowl. I would love to see your creations should you decide to make your own little bowls, so please share away. Happy creating!!!! 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I Am...

So I decided to tackle my 2nd challenge (my first was to DCWV, still waiting to know who wins). I have always been nervous about submitting my work. We are our own worst critic. So when Susie Fishburne over at Faith, Hope, Washi, posted Felicty Jane's I Am... challenge in her super incredible Facebook group, I decided to be brave. At first I had this super cute pink and black layout idea floating around in my head, but when I sat down that didn't happen. I first wrote about how I felt about the challenge and went from there...
Do we ever truly know who we are? Of course most people would pick their profession or hobby to fill in the blank; however; I hope this layout becomes a reflection of who I "think" I am.
I have been through so much in the 31 years I have lived on this Earth. 99% of those I know, would fill that blank in with the word strong. But am I really? We walk around, with our souls in a shell. Our minds sometimes drift off... What are we thinking and why do we have these thoughts? Or maybe sometimes you don't even know where your mind went. Who is this person?
I truly don't think I can fully answer this question. First thing that pops into my mind... I'm Tiffani (yes with an i) Lyn (sigh... yes with 1 n) Keronen (but not really....story for another day) Nelson. I have been married for 11 years (2/14/04) to whom I would like to think of as my best friend, but we all have those moments. I have 3 GORGEOUS daughters. Harmony, my sassy, loving, sensitive 5 year old. Her hair is so beautiful and she has the biggest, most beautiful blue eyes. She has her daddies dimples and her mommies smile. She is purely stunning. Melody; my daredevil, fearless, fun, carefree 4 year old. She has the most beautiful long lashes, her natural afro is always a hit. She has her daddies fearless attitude and her mommies soft heart. My Peanut, I love you so much. Symphony, my cuddling, love bug, smart and super adorable 18 month old. She has the most amazing personality and can light up a room. She has her daddies silliness and her mommies likable personality. 
But you see, that is not the response I am looking for. I want to dig deep into my soul, discover and show the world who I am... Do you know who you are?