Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I Am...

So I decided to tackle my 2nd challenge (my first was to DCWV, still waiting to know who wins). I have always been nervous about submitting my work. We are our own worst critic. So when Susie Fishburne over at Faith, Hope, Washi, posted Felicty Jane's I Am... challenge in her super incredible Facebook group, I decided to be brave. At first I had this super cute pink and black layout idea floating around in my head, but when I sat down that didn't happen. I first wrote about how I felt about the challenge and went from there...
Do we ever truly know who we are? Of course most people would pick their profession or hobby to fill in the blank; however; I hope this layout becomes a reflection of who I "think" I am.
I have been through so much in the 31 years I have lived on this Earth. 99% of those I know, would fill that blank in with the word strong. But am I really? We walk around, with our souls in a shell. Our minds sometimes drift off... What are we thinking and why do we have these thoughts? Or maybe sometimes you don't even know where your mind went. Who is this person?
I truly don't think I can fully answer this question. First thing that pops into my mind... I'm Tiffani (yes with an i) Lyn (sigh... yes with 1 n) Keronen (but not really....story for another day) Nelson. I have been married for 11 years (2/14/04) to whom I would like to think of as my best friend, but we all have those moments. I have 3 GORGEOUS daughters. Harmony, my sassy, loving, sensitive 5 year old. Her hair is so beautiful and she has the biggest, most beautiful blue eyes. She has her daddies dimples and her mommies smile. She is purely stunning. Melody; my daredevil, fearless, fun, carefree 4 year old. She has the most beautiful long lashes, her natural afro is always a hit. She has her daddies fearless attitude and her mommies soft heart. My Peanut, I love you so much. Symphony, my cuddling, love bug, smart and super adorable 18 month old. She has the most amazing personality and can light up a room. She has her daddies silliness and her mommies likable personality. 
But you see, that is not the response I am looking for. I want to dig deep into my soul, discover and show the world who I am... Do you know who you are?


  1. Tiffani, thanks for playing along with the challenge and sharing a little bit about YOU! :)

  2. Tiffani, thanks for playing along with the challenge and sharing a little bit about YOU! :)