Thursday, June 18, 2015

Paper Bowls

As I was creating my craft space, I realized I needed some containers. Rather than go to the store and spend an insane amount of money on formed plastic, I did some research. I came across this youtube video on how to make paper bowls. I save magazines for the purpose of using words or images in my scrapping. Another way to save money. Yes it was a tad time consuming, but the end result was just fab. This one was a little larger than what I wanted, so I plan to make 3 smaller ones to hold paper clips, flowers and little doo-dads.
In the video they tell you to use PVA glue, I did not have that on hand so I just used mod podge. From what I have read, it is better to use Mod Podge anyway :D 
My goal was to create a rainbow colored bowl, so I went through all my magazines and ripped out the colors of the rainbow. I taped all the color strips together (all the red, all the orange, yellow etc.) then worked on wrapping them around the pencil. I also made sure to pull the strips to make sure they were tight. My wrapping was a lot tighter than the video. 
I am sure you could do this with any paper really. I would love to create one from newspaper. (boy would that be messy) I think with the smaller ones I may add some decoration to the rim of the bowl. I would love to see your creations should you decide to make your own little bowls, so please share away. Happy creating!!!! 

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