Sunday, January 24, 2016

Remember and Smile

I moved around quite a bit when I was younger so I met many people in my childhood and teens. When I was 16 I met Brandy. The 2nd time we hung out I dyed her hair blonde (it was dark brown) and it ended up turning an orange color. We had a good laugh and after that we became best friends.

16 is a funny age. You think you can be on your own, you don't need your parents and if you were like me you were a rebel. I won't lie and say we were perfect because we surely put our parents through a lot of sleepless nights, but some of my greatest memories come from the time in which we were like sisters. We were there for each other through break ups and rough times.

After a few years though we started to take different paths in life. She had her beautiful son and I got married. We stopped speaking and we lived separate lives. I worried about her, cried for the life she lived for a bit, and had to let go. On New Years, something made me think about her so I took to Facebook to see how she was doing.

I felt the blood leave my face, tears formed and I felt numb. I was devastated. I couldn't believe it. I still don't believe it. I miss you Brandy and I am so so sorry that I didn't speak to you sooner. You looked like you were doing so well, you looked so happy. You most certainly left your mark on this world and so many people miss you. You will forever have left an imprint on my heart. <3

Tiffani xx


  1. Beautiful words and layout, Tiffani. Thank you for sharing your heart xxx

  2. Thank you for sharing your story about your dear friend Brandy. What a beautiful page to remember the good times and what she meant to you in this time of your life.