Thursday, January 7, 2016

Coptic Binding

So for Christmas my husband bought me Paige Evan's Coptic Binding Kit (you can also find her blog here) I had been watching videos for a while and fell in love with these adorable little books. They are super girly when you add charms to them and you can seriously make them out of anything. What intrigued me the most was the fact that I could make one of these out of materials I already had. Although for this one I purchased the kit, in the future I can't wait to see where my creativity takes me.

Paige's kit and instructional video was well worth the $33. Another thing that made me excited was that she only made a few kits. I am one of those people that feels super special have one of only a few of something made. It also came to me from Germany. Happy mail is one thing, but when it comes from another country it's even more exciting. As a child I collected stamps with my grandfather so seeing mail from different areas of the world fascinates me.

I will say it was a lot of work, but I can tell as I went on more and more it got easier. This is a project you do have to take your time with and that was a challenge for me. I am someone that likes to work quickly. In Paige's kit, it is set up to do 10 signatures, but since I was doing a year I did 12 signatures. I just went through my own cardstock and picked colors that matched. My book totals 120 pages.

I loved the charms that she included, but then I decided to add a few of my personal favorites. I am obsessed with clouds and rain showers so I wanted to keep clouds at the top and go from there. The umbrella is probably my favorite charm which is from Freckled Fawn as are the clouds.

It was truly a super fun project to work on and I cannot wait for my friend Molly's kit to arrive so I can see how hers comes out.